Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Avocado Shake


Gosh, I hate going to the dentist. It’s one of those things that if only I can do without, I’d gladly refrain from having. I just can’t stand the sensation I get from someone picking on my teeth with metal, or the scrubbing/scraping/drilling/grinding, or the simple fact that you lay there with your mouth wide open for a long time that your jaw hurts! Uh-oh. Not pleasant at all.

Not that dentists are bad or anything. They’re not. In fact, I know that in the whole scheme of things, having a healthy set of teeth is really essential to our well-being. But I don’t know how or why I developed a negative attitude towards going to the dentist. Hmmn. It could be because the very first visit (that I fully remember) entailed a tooth-filling – and that horrifying, anesthetic-free “teeth-drilling” experience left me scarred for life? (Yep, not even a topical anesthesia was given!)

But I have to tell you this. In a 3rd-world country such as the Philippines, the people’s priority is to put food on their table; everything else becomes secondary – and that includes seeing the doctor for merely routine physical check-ups or regular dental cleaning. People there GENERALLY seek medical attention ONLY when there are already symptoms of disorder showing up physically; or when they are in actual pain; or when they already need urgent care. Once again, this is due to the lack of means to be able to afford regular visits to the doctor. Most folks there don’t have insurance policies; heck a lot don’t have a steady source of income in the first place and majority live below the poverty line.

Anyway, forgive me on my ranting about the dentist... You guessed it, I've just been there! Hah! And I needed to express myself. I'm fully convinced, whether it's in the Philippines or the US, I still don't like paying my dentist a visit!

So as a tribute to all dentists, here is something that you can enjoy, even if you are toothless. HAHAHAHAHA…. Presenting to you my AVOCADO SHAKE.


This is one of the things that I was so surprised about when I came to the US. I noticed that here, avocados are mostly used for savory applications – in salads and salsas. In the Philippines, I’ve only had this fruit eaten with a bit of sugar, as a dessert mashed with condensed milk and cooled in the fridge for a few minutes, or as a shake!.. (Oh yeah, I’ve had guacamole there, but back in my days, Mexican food wasn’t as popular as it is there now).

Avocados just remind me of my childhood as well. That’s probably why I like ‘em so much. Reminds me of those days when me and my cousins would run along the little plantation my grandparents had in their property. They have mostly “cacao” (cocoa) and banana plants as well as coconut trees, but there were a couple of huge avocado trees as well that would yield the sweetest, finest evergreen-avocados I have ever seen.

So here’s my all time favorite summer treat, second to mango shake, of course. (We can have this all-year round in the Philippines, actually.)
I am also sending this treat to Grace of A Southern Grace as an entry to her Beat The Heat event. This doesn’t require much to prepare – just a few strokes from the blender, and voila…. a refreshing treat!

Hope you try it.. it’s really good, filling and healthy too!

Avocado Shake
1 ripe avocado
1 cup evaporated milk (or fresh milk)*
1 cup crushed ice
3 tablespoons sugar (or more, depending on your taste)

Scoop the avocado from the pulp and into a blender. Add the milk, ice and sugar to desired taste. Blend until pureed. Garnish with slices of avocados.

NOTE*:You can substitute with condensed milk. Start with 1/4 cup and add some more until you get the desired creaminess and sweetness to your liking. If you use condensed milk, omit sugar as condensed milk is already sweet.


ICook4Fun said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. You have a wonderful blog and I already bookmark a few recipes to try out. First is this avacado shake. Never thought of making shake out of it. Thanks for sharing.

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

I heart avocado shake! =D

I'm still not that into savory applciations for it, hehe.

We used to make avocado "ice candy".

Jude said...

Love this stuff. Most people I know only think of guacamole when eating avocados so they go ewww if it's in a dessert. Their loss.

Manggy said...

Yeah, you count on us to think of the dessert applications for avocados! Savory avocado dishes are alien and weird. Ha ha ha. I like them especially with condensed milk!

PS You really, really should not wait till things are bad to see the doctor/ dentist!

Shreya said...

so pretty,... looks so yum!:-)

Jescel said...

I know, Dr. Manggy.. I am trying :o)

Kevin said...

An avocado shake sounds really good.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

this is something we always drink in indonesia. great for our skin! hehehe. cheers!

Marvin said...

Since I grew up in the US, I'm part of the group that is used to avocado in savory dishes. I always thought it was weird when my mom ate avocado with milk and sugar. Maybe if she would have thrown that all in a blender and made a shake of it like you did, I wouldn't have thought it was that strange;) I am beginning to appreciate avocadoes in dessert though, and your shake looks wonderfully refreshing!

Leslie said...

I have never thought to use avacado in a shake form. Very cool!
I too am not abig dentist fan..but I do drag myself in there every 6 months like my mama always told mee to do!! LOL
Thank you for visiting my site..the Saltine cracker thing still cracks me up when I think of it!

white on rice couple said...

Bravo for this dish! I grew up eating avocadoes with milk and sugar but my Non-Asian friends thought I was a freak!
Thanks for sharing such a great dish for the amazing avocado!

Grace said...

i just realized that i never commented on the awesomeness of your shake! i really, truly love it--avocadoes are my weakness! thanks for sending it in! :)

Selina said...

This shake would have been perfect for me Wednesday morning as I had some rare dental drama! Anyhow, it sounds delicious and I love avocados :)

Btw, I tagged you!

yo said...


here Is my personal recipe for the Avocado shake.

1/2 Avocado + 1 cup of milk + 1/2 a Lemon juice + Maple syrup

very nutrient and very healthy.

the Avocado Is very rich In vitamine E and so very good for the teeth.

Jescel said...

Yo, thanks for that recipe. Interesting. Never added maple syrup in an avocado shake. Will try this.

yo said...

By the way you can also use honey or dates Instead of Maple syrup to sweeten the Avocado shake It's more healthy than the rafined sugar.

Jescel said...
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Jescel said...

most of the time, i just use condensed milk and no sugar at all. condensed milk is sweet enough. but i'll try honey. like i said, never tried your suggestions yet. growing up in the philippines we never used those ingredients. it's not common there. but I don't worry about it so much, i only have the avocado shake very rarely - for a treat. if I'm having it often, now i would worry about the sugar in it :o)