Monday, December 15, 2008

Cranberry Cookies - Lasang Pinoy Sunday Edition #27


We watched a children’s Christmas musical yesterday.

Children have all the advantages in productions – they can do no wrong. They can forget their cues, mess up their lines, or even do nothing but stand on the side – yet they are guaranteed to steal the show regardless. They are just too cute. Too bad they grow up so fast, huh? ;oD

The kids in the musical were, I believe, ranging from 3 to 10 yrs old with a total of about 25-30 participants. It was just a wonderful play with a very good message befitting the holiday season. The kids were amazing. Such wonderful talents displayed at such tender age.

But what’s even more remarkable to me are the people behind the scene– the director and production staff involved. They must be extremely patient individuals who are so dedicated in what they do. You and I know that it ain't a piece of cake managing 30 kids in one room. Their attention span is very short. Throw in some tantrums here and there and that’s a guaranteed formula for mayhem to break loose. How challenging it must have been to put together such a big production like that, yet they managed to come up with an awesome presentation. So my kudos go to them all. And of course, let’s not forget the parents. Their support and commitment in taking their children to rehearsals every week made everything possible.

Watching the kids musical yesterday unexpectedly made me nostalgic. I had been involved in a number of musicals myself as a kid, and I remembered my parents - my Mom especially. She passed away last year. My mother was my #1 fan and my avid supporter. As I watched the kids, I thought that my mother no longer has the opportunity to see her own grand kid/s on a production like this some day. This made me shed a tear. I just had a moment - blame it on Christmas.

Anyway, growing up the only thing I know about cranberries are those that of the bottled ones, juice -that is. Being from a tropical country, hardly any berries grow in the Philippine climate. (There’s only one place in the Philippines (up north) that I know of where strawberries grow – in Baguio - a hilly land that’s approximately about 5,000+++ feet above sea level.)

My first encounter of real, fresh cranberries was only six years ago. It was a surprise to discover that these particular berries are super tart! Thankfully, my friend Holly introduced to me these delicious cranberry cookies – hmmnnn... This is definitely the way to eat these fruits.
These cookies are a part of my friend’s family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition. They are yummy! I particularly love the tang from the fruit balanced out by the sweetness from the glaze, and the texture from the pecan just rounds up everything. You won’t be able to stop eating them, promise! They should come with a warning sign like this: DANGER, THESE ARE ADDICTING!

My friend was kind enough to share with me her Aunt’s recipe of the cookies. And since then, I’d been making them every year during the holiday season.

In deference to my friend’s aunt, I will not publish the recipe here. But if you’re interested, do let me know and I’ll ask my friend’s permission if I can pass her recipe on to you. Email me at
I am serving these cookies to Lasang Pinoy-Sunday (La.Pi.S) Edition #27 (a weekly Food Photography meme, Filipino-style) and to Susan of Foodblogga for her Eat Christmas Cookies Season 2.

Come and help yourself to these wonderful cookies. Merry Christmas!


Ning said...

Merry Christmas! And I haven't tasted fresh cranberries yet! Buti ka pa! :)

mikky said...

i just watched a kids choir Christmas cantata last weekend, i kinda get what you're saying... they were truly amazing singing and dancing for the Lord... and your cookies are just awesome!!! :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I used to teach children's theatre. You're so right. Is there anything more precious? Thanks for a lovely post and cookie. Anything with cranberries gets my vote.

Marvin said...

Great looking cookies, and such a lovely post. Have a merry christmas!

spiCes said...

i am so anticipating my kids own christmas musical too tomorrow!:) i will post the photos for Litratong Pinoy, that's why:)
anyway..that is an awesome looking bunch of goodies! perfect for holiday give-aways:)

Manggy said...

Have a merry Christmas too Jescel! It'll be a LONG while before I get to be a parent but these things are just what I'd look forward to...

Yummy cookies! We do have fruits that are technically berries, just not of the rose family... Like guava :P

iska said...

Wow! Grabe ang sarap tingnan naman nyan...
Absolutely gorgeous cookies!

mikky said...

Happy Holidays!!! :)

Cynthia said...

Those cookies are so festive.

Happy New Year honey!

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

It's true, kids can do no wrong in productions. In fact, when they mess up it's even cuter than if they'd gotten their lines perfectly. Lucky little tykes!

Happy New Year. :)

Kevin said...

Those cranberry cookies look so good!