Thursday, February 28, 2008

Awesome Twosome

There are things that are meant to be together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Coffee and creamer. And yes, grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

This was my husband's craving once again. He said that he hasn't had it in a while. And it was a good time too since the temperature dropped and we had the coldest weather in 2008 that day.
For my sandwich, I wanted a firm bread that can withstand grilling, so I decided to use sourdough bread. I melted some butter and added some garlic cloves. Then I brushed the outer sides of the bread with the melted garlic-infused butter. For the sandwhich, I had deli-bought turkey and ham. I cooked a couple of strips of bacon and I added it in too, just for a smokey flavor in the background. As for the cheese, I used three different kinds - provolone (my husband's fave), guyere (swiss cheese) and parmesan cheese. Oh don't panic, I didn't put a lot - I just grated and mixed 3 different kinds of cheeses, ok?
The cheese melted beautifully. And the bread was toasted to perfection. Sourdough turned out to be an excellent choice. I don't have a panini press so I did what Asians would do... I got some good ol' foil for cover and laid some heavy canned goods on top of the sandwiches, hence the beautiful grill marks.. tadahhhh.. isn't that what you call resourcefulness?

As for the tomato soup - Mr. Campbell did it for me. I just added some julienned fresh basil leaf to it for flavor (another twosome - tomato & basil). I am a good wife but not that good. I wouldn't want to start making tomato soup from scratch when American Idol is coming on in a few minutes. Gotta have priorities, ya know?! Hahahahha... (Hubby, you're still my #1. Luv ya!)

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Kristel said...

oh man...this is amazing! I haven't had tomato soup and grilled cheese in foreverrrr. :-)