Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pork Marsala

I've always loved Chicken Marsala, but I never knew what Marsala was until much, much later. Marsala turned out to be this wonderful Italian wine which you use in this dish. Since I came to know what it is (a few years back), I've used the wine in my dishes a lot of times.

Well today, I did another variation of the Chicken Marsala by using pork loin chops. After searching for a recipe, I found one that I thought was right up my alley. Here it is. I would say my dish is an adaptation of this recipe. I made a couple of changes for mine. First, I added mushrooms. I thought that the meaty, earthy taste of the mushrooms would help boost the wine's flavor. Secondly, when I added the onion, I also added 2 tablespoons of flour with a tablespoon of butter to make a
roux as I prefer my sauce to be thicker. Thirdly, I increased the amount of the sauce by adding 1/3 cup of chicken stock and 2/3 cup of wine. I'd recommend increasing the amount of sauce in this dish like I did - if you're the type who likes lots of sauce in your food. Remember, the liquid evaportes a little bit as you let it simmer, so a cup of liquid should make enough sauce.

I served the dish with steamed rice as suggested and garnished it with chopped italian (flat-leaf) parsley. Pasta would definitely be good too if you prefer to have it. My hubby mopped his plate with bread - that's how good this dish was.

Note: I used dry wine for this recipe. I always use dry wine for cooking, unless the recipe specifies using sweet.

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